Fox Family Crest

A family crest should represent the history and spirit of the family and its members. It should be simple, memorable, and easily replicated. Though many crests traditionally include a motto or other limited text, I chose to omit any text from my design for simplicity and intercultural appeal. The colors used (black, red, yellow, white, and blue) represent the colors of the flags of the United States and Germany--my family is proudly American, and we have lived in Germany for the past six years. The Fox is relatively obvious, but more deeply, its specific design is reminiscent of the sketch with with my grandmother signs all her letters. The four squares in the center of the design represent the four children in my family, and the two outer diamonds represent my parents. My father graduated from Duke University and my mother from Denison University, whose most prominent colors are blue and red, respectively--dictating the colors of the outer diamonds, which represent my parents.
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